August 24, 2018

To My Patients and Fellow Colleagues: 

Six years ago I began to seriously entertain the idea of retiring at some point in the future.  The burden of this was what would happen to my patients and staff?  With no specific time line in mind, I began researching possibilities.  Two years into the process I met with Paul Botsford.  Still in dental school, he talked about his dream to come back to the Rogue Valley in a few years to open his own dental practice.  His parents are longtime family friends and the seed was planted that his dream could merge with my dream of finding someone I could trust with my family of patients and staff.  After Thirty-eight years of practice I am still the kind of person who wants to make as sure as humanly possible that when I pass the baton I have taken the best care of my patients and staff. 

Dr. Paul Botsford is a southern Oregon native, raised in Medford since he was four years old.  Dr. Botsford went on to graduate from Oregon State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in general science with minors in business and chemistry as well as Southern Oregon University where he earned a second bachelor’s degree in biology.  In between his studies, Dr. Botsford was fortunate enough to spend his time traveling throughout Europe and the United States.  He also spent 11 years as a whitewater guide rafting the famous Rogue and Klamath Rivers!

Dr. Botsford received his dental training from Roseman University in South Jordan, Utah, where he received the award of Lifelong Colleague, a title voted on by his 78 classmates.  Additionally, Dr. Botsford was the Vice President of the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association where he led numerous events that encouraged students to uphold the integrity and morality of the profession of dentistry.  It is also at Roseman that Dr. Botsford met his lovely wife Keyan, who is also a dentist!

After graduating from Dental School, The Botsfords moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, where Dr. Keyan completed a residency in orthodontics and Dr. Paul practiced General Dentistry at a private practice in Yorktown, Indiana.  With the welcoming of their now one-year old son Tate, and their desire to raise their son in the unbeatable Rogue Valley, Drs. Paul and Keyan made the decision to move back home and plant their roots in Oregon.   Paul will assume my practice and Keyan will practice Orthodontics in Grants Pass. 

Dr. Botsford loves being in the outdoors with his wife, son and their chocol-md-6ate lab, Hobbes.  They enjoy hiking, rafting and shows at the Britt.  The Botsfords are very excited to be back in the Rogue Valley with family and cannot wait to show Tate everything that Southern Oregon has to offer!

This being said, it is with mixed emotions that I move on to a new chapter in my life, knowing I have provided for my patients and staff in the best possible way.  My last day treating patients will be Thursday, August 23rd, 2018.  My entire staff and the practice philosophy will remain unchanged. 

I hope you will welcome Dr. Paul Botsford and his family back to Medford and support his goal to be a trusted, skilled and compassionate dentist in this wonderful southern Oregon region.


Eugene V. Meyerding Jr., DMD


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